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Christmas, YGOTAS Xmas SP, RIP MB, and TS
Thursday, December 25, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

mood: a bit disappointed
listening to: How Deep Is Your Love - The Bird And The Bee

So the plan was that I'm supposed to be at Lola's this Christmas with my cousins (the ones that live here in the Philippines) and their family. I'm supposed to watch Tines (parade with people in costumes depicting the events that led to the birth of Jesus) with Len and Norman. Well, it all didn't happen. Dumating ang Tito ko. Biglaan dahil namatay ang mother-in-law nya recently, so I really couldn't be at Lola's. Then neither Len nor Norman contacted me about watching Tines. *sigh* I was a bit lethargic anyway from the time I woke up.
So what did I do for the whole day, exactly?
I woke up.
I watched 3 episodes of Code Blue.
I took some self-portraits under very inconvenient lighting (what else is new?) at a very inconvenient time.
I also took some pics of Tine2 and I. I'll post it here later. n_n
I edited said pictures. All of them are too damn dark.
I watched 3 episodes of Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl series.

(The new charger for the Reggie's Nintendo DS is busted again so I couldn't play it.)
Surprisingly, I didn't get to eat as much as I expected. It wasn't nearly as much as what I eat everyday (which is actually food trip talaga). Wonder of wonders...
happy holidays!

IDK... I just feel out-of-it. Who would have thought that this Christmas was going to be so boring... (No offense to the Divine, really, it's not You sir, it's me.) Hmm... Perhaps New Year would be somewhat fruitful.

Err. Hopefully.


A friend of mine asked me if I got a lot of gifts. I would always tell people that the older you get, the lesser gifts you'll receive. Well, in my case, it didn't matter. Hindi ako ang tipong namamasko o nangangaroling. My relatives used to give me gifts like clothes (i.e.) socks. It represents just how much they know me. -_-' But I was grateful back then nonetheless... at least they thought about me, right? And then it was Mom and Dad who would give me gifts. Mom acted as my Santa for a good 2-3 years. I remember how she would give me excuses of how a big box of V-tech fit through the window (with that "bars" and stuff on them). She told me it was magic. I even questioned about "Santa's" messy handwriting. She answered me with, "Well you see, Santa was probably in a hurry." For a year or so I believed her. I remember one Christmas, I got a card for Santa... or was it mere a piece of paper..? Anyway, yeah then I pinned it on the curtain and waited for his arrival. Mom said I shouldn't wait because Santa won't come if I'm still awake. (Translation: I won't let you see me putting your gift beside the window.)

*sigh* Yup. Those were the days. And now? I've only got one gift: A gift from Mom (AKA: my personal Santa). No, it's not something I crave or something I've been wanting. But I suppose, I want it too-- for us, that is. It's something for the future. I recently sealed the deal with Engr. Reyes about the land. We couldn't buy a house yet so that's it for now. That's what she claims as my gift for this Christmas. I don't really think of it as that though. Instead, I think that having my Mom, being who she is and how she is with me, is a gift everyday. It's more than enough to fill any crappy Christmas experiences I had. (And boy, I have a lot of those moments!) So there you go.

I didn't feel the "warmth" of my friends today. This is the first Christmas that all I had were text messages: gm~s and no more than 2 pms that were not Christmas-related. No phone calls whatsoever. No emails. I'll check my friendster later. It's sad, I guess but hey-- they have their own lives. With my lethargy today, I didn't try contact them much anyway so... It's just... different now. IDK. Ah whatever. I'm having my only-child melancholy moment. Enough about this.


LK updates! ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL thankfully =D
I'm always waiting for Little Kuriboh to update somehow. As abridge fans know, he's been busy with work, recently married life, and with moving. I'm so glad I found this: YGOTAS: Christmas Special 2.
Yugi: I mean, I already have every trading card known to man. Why does he(Santa) keep sending me booster packs?
Grandpa: Perhaps it's because he loves you!
Yugi: Yeah, well, maybe if he loved me, he'd get me a Playstation 3!
Grandpa: Well maybe Santa can't afford one.
Yugi: Well maybe Santa could just go to hell then!
Grandpa: Well maybe Santa thinks he'll see you there after he smothers you with a pillow in your sleep!
Yugi: ...
Grandpa: Pleasant dreams, Yugi.
XD That was priceless.
Merry Slavemas LittleKuriboh! lolz


Maddie Blaustein Meowth

Last December 11, Maddie Blaustein (48) (sometimes credited as Adam or Addie), died in her sleep. She was a very talented and dedicated voice actress. As were many fans, I was sad about what happened. So sad in fact that I decided to buy Pokemon dvds-- the episodes/seasons that I missed-- just to hear her Meowth performance. I stopped watching Pokemon around the Master Quest season because we moved here in the Philippines and we've no cable. It was then I lost interest in it. Just recently when my friend Reggie lent me his Nintendo DS (for me to play Pokemon Pearl), I felt nostalgic. I don't care what people say (most of them are hypocrites anyway), I loved Pokemon back then (both the anime and the game-- it was the "reason" why I wanted a Gameboy Color) and I still love it now. I guess, I'll always will.
Here are some memorable roles of Maddie Blaustein in Pokemon:
Seymour (scientist in Mt. Moon)
AJ (trainer with a Sandshrew, I think)
Damian (trainer with a Dordrio.. the pokemon race..)
Lt. Surge
James' father
Meowth (epic win)
random pokemon

others that I'm familiar with:
Solomon Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Dr. K (Cubix)

There's lot more. Truly talented.
May you rest in peace. "Meowth that's right!"
(Pictures are credited to Bulbapedia.)


Takipsilim is the Pinoy remake of Twilight. It's gonna be a series in ABS-CBN. Fans are currently plotting on bombing the station. No, just kidding.

bakit pati poster pose ginaya?! When I heard about it from Ate Jonah, I was like, "Seriously?", followed by a string of thoughts that led to: the actors that will play as the Cullens (or whatever remake name they'll have) better fit the description or at least close to it. I already have a feeling na baka hindi sila makakuha ng "maayos" na Rosalie. Ayon, tama ako. No offense to Karylle, I think she's a good actress but... I simply can't see Rosalie in her. *sigh* Then I saw Joros will be playing Jasper. I laughed. No offense to him too but... as Jasper? Other people are very much... cruel about it. *sigh* I can't see Rayver as Edward (though I think he's cute.. not Greek god material though..). Shaina as Bella is fine, I suppose, but isn't she too beautiful for the role? (Bella says she looks "plain".) Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme fits well. Esme's supposed to look like (as from Bella's perspective) Snow White. Lucky Manzano as Emmett is fine too... but I feel as though something's lacking in him. I'm not familiar with the actress who'll play Alice (I was very much hoping for Aiza Marquez (sp?).) maybe coz I don't watch tv anymore. *sigh* My oh my.

Intrigue, intrigue. I think I might want to watch it.
*everyone gasps*


Skin Change: SOON

I worked on it already but I changed my mind recently. *sigh* It's hard being OC. I'll try to find another one then I'll change this as soon as I can.

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I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".

The Fighter of Dinosaur-like Creature Saw Me!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 @ 7:27 AM

mood: a bit bewildered
listening to: none

I made reviewers for 2 subjects (that I have an exam on for today) till it was around 3am and my elbows, hands, and neck hurt like hell.

I just woke up after 3 attempts to get out of bed at 6am and ending up asleep again and again.. and again.

I just had a very bizarre dream. I thought I should blog about it before I forgot.

I was at my house (in reality it resembled my lola's house-- I grew up there) with Mom. I had some friends over and there wasn't a friendly atmosphere. It seems that there's this awkward incident that they decided to visit because one of them thought that I was dying. Oddly enough though a friend told me that he was dying but then admitted that it was a joke a few minutes later.

Anyway, as I was saying. It was very bizarre. I went to the porch to look outside. (Outside looked like a suburb of America.) I was starring at the sky when suddenly there's this huge rock that fell nearby! No, the earth didn't quake. (Was my verb correct?) I saw a big dinosaur walking near it. It resembled a T-Rex and it was green. I continued to stare in awe when my mother noticed that I was visually occupied on something outside. She went to look at it too.

You'll never guess who I saw next.

Okay, I guess you could guess. I suppose you guys could think of that character who fights off gigantic dinosaur-like creatures after transforming into his huge form, complete with a bee-like head and a light button on his chest that will go on when he's low-bat.

That's right. I'm talking about Ultraman, for those who didn't get it.

He was dressed in pink.

At first I was like, "What in the world is a T-Rex doing outside my house?!"
(Er.. a rift in the space and time continuum?)
Then, "Oh my gosh, Ultraman exists?!"
(Was it as possible as a dinosaur in my neighborhood?)
Finally, "Why pink?!"

So Ultraman pounded the dinosaur to "death" with that huge boulder, did a happy dance and then transformed back to his human form.

No, this is not the end of my bizarre dream.

The bizarre actually starts HERE!

I bet you asked why Ultraman is wearing pink.
I'll tell you why right now.
It's coz he's BISEXUAL!
Haha.. got your attention there.

*ahem* Anyhow. No, he's not bisexual. NO.
Ultraman is actually... Ultra... GIRL.
(I couldn't say woman coz she looked liked she's around mid to late adolescence.)

Yeah. SHE's a very serious-looking girl.
Don't let the happy dance fool you. When I saw her turn her face around, she's got that I-mean-business look.

So then it seemed as though she's still very much bothered about something. She scanned the area for a moment and guess where her expression changed to "I found [it/her]!"

Yup. It was I.

Oh. My. Gosh.

"What does she want from me?!"

She goes running off to the direction of my house and instinctively, I decided to hide. The concept of hiding from... an alien (what kind of being was Ultraman..girl anyway?) seemed ludicrous but my instinct told me I should try anyhow.

I left my house when I couldn't hide there in time as my mother was being asked by Human Ultragirl.

I went directly to Lola Jessie's house. I hid behind her gate and saw a guy in her garden. He looked nice and innocent. I gave him a gesture of would-you-mind-if-I-hide-in-here-and-pls-be-quiet-about-it. He simply smiled and nodded. I wondered who he was.

I peeped through the gaps of the gate to see that my friends were leaving. One by one I stare at them thinking suspiciously if Ultragirl disguised as one of them. In the end, I saw her. I held my breath for what it seemed like 15 seconds and it's already getting hard for me.

She stopped in front of the gate. She could freakin' sense me! She started to reach the gate handle and all kinds of thoughts circled in my mind.

Why did she pick me?
What does she want from me?
Should I be scared?
Is this my destiny?
Will I become her apprentice?
Will this be a good thing?
Or will I turn out to be an alien experiment?

And then I woke up.

I'm glad I did but I do feel a bit disappointed right now when I think about it. I mean... I want to know why she needs to talk to me. The reason might be something mind-boggling. Curiouser and curiouser.

I'm betting she wanted me to become her sidekick.

Could someone get Grandpa Freud on the phone for me?

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I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".