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Addicted To Pet Society
Sunday, May 31, 2009 @ 2:46 PM

Pet Society is an application (game) on Facebook.
I am officially addicted to it.
LOL Unfortunately I don't have enough coins to sustain my interior-design-drive. I won't resort to the cheat though. It's going to be more challenging this way.

And so to earn coins, I'd go to races, play the jumping rope, visit friends, and roam around town. It's been my daily routine on the net nowadays. The only room that has furniture (that I bought) is the bathroom. I'm particularly proud of it coz I saved really hard to buy the items there.

By the way, I decided to make my Facebook a public account. (I suppose Friendster is my only private account. Plurk is public too and this blog will soon become public.)
Anyway, here's my email add:
Feel free to add me but I must say, I won't accept anyone lecherous.


I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".

Couch Potato (with Mom)
Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 11:51 PM

mood: a bit sad
listening to: none

I decided to be a couch potato today, para maiba naman.. been very busy lately.
I introduced a couple of jdramas and movies to Mom. (Unfortunately, there's no way we could finish the jdramas in a day.. not even 1/3.)
Code Blue
Bloody Monday
Battle Royale
I watched a couple of episodes of Fushigi Yuugi (the ones I didn't get to watch in the past.)
All dvds were bought from CSCentrl at Greenbelt.

Mom's flight is on Monday. She's already exhibiting signs of sadness. I, of course, immediately caught it. I really don't want to be emotional... But the thoughts kept creeping on me.
I need to divert myself from this.
I'm slowly deviating from being OC (which is good) but I'm starting to have multiple signs of being avoidant. More of that later.

About my citizenship... err more of that later.

I always think about blogging whenever I have something philosophical to think about, or when something exciting or different happens, but when I get in front of Peter (my reformated pc), I just feel lazy about it.
I mostly hang around plurk and facebook nowadays (at night just before I go to bed).

I miss a lot of people. I miss talking with someone.

I'll edit this entry later. (getting sleepy to put the links)
Gotta sleep na.
Que duermes bien mi amigos y mi amigas.


I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".

Monday, May 18, 2009 @ 5:29 AM

listening to: Clumsy by Fergie

I actually miss blogging. I have so much to blog about.
I'll get right on it maybe later if I have time.
2 of my sims are malfunctioning. It's almost impossible.


I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".

Friday, May 08, 2009 @ 4:14 PM

mood: pissed
listening to: none

Para sa mga taong ginagawang kumplikado ang pag-ibig at relationship:
* Kung meron kang gustong sabihin, sabihin mo na.
* Kung hindi ka pa over sa kanya, wag kang pumasok sa isang relasyon. Hirap ka na nga, papahirapan mo pa ang ibang tao.
* Kung malungkot ka, aminin mo sa iyong sarili. Muka kang tanga na nakangiting pilit.
* Kung may mahal kang ng iba, aminin mo. Kung nasa relationship ka, makipaghiwalay ka na. (Kasi kung talagang mahal mo siya, wala na dapat ibang hahanapin ang puso mo.)
* Kung makikipaghiwalay ka, sabihin mo ang totoong dahilan kung bakit. The person deserves the truth.
* Kung may nagawa kang masama, gumawa ka ng paraan upang makabawi.
* Kung ikaw ay mali, aminin mo. Kung ma-pride ka at ayaw mo mag-sorry, ipakita mong tinatama mo ang iyong pagkakamali.
* Kung may pinag-sisisihan ka, kumilos ka. Ano, tutunganga ka na lang? Sa tingin mo may magandang dadating kung wala ka namang ginagawa? Ano ka sinuswerte palagi?
* Kung talagang mahal mo siya, magpasensya ka. Kung wala kang pasensya, saan tutungo relationship niyo? Makipaghiwalay ka na lang.
- Saka, pwede mo naman siya sabihan di ba? "Ayoko itong ginagawa mo." Pwede siya magbago para sa iyo (kung gusto niya, kung worth ka para sa kanya kung reasonable ang pinapagawa mo). Lahat naman pwedeng pag-usapan. Basta siguraduhin mo hindi iyon dahil sa selfish feelings/thoughts mo.
* Kung parati ka na lang makikinig sa ibang tao, para saan pa ang sarili mong utak? Saka sila ba ang nasa relationship? Hindi naman di ba?

Most people nowadays are freakin' liars! Users! Sh*tload full of crap!

I'd rather hear the dreadful truth and get hurt, than people telling me lies, making me think of things that are far from what it actually is. Damn it!

Because if people tell you lies, it would seem that you do not deserve to know the truth. That, my friend, is more painful, isn't it?

Time doesn't change people. People change people.

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I want to stop wondering "what-ifs".
I need to know "what is".